10 October 2011

Fount of value

The stock, be it of the land or of the person, is inalienable because it embodies what serves to produce the deservedness or undeservedness. 
The stock is that which earns or does not earn the wealth. The only thing one can do with such stocks is to engage with them in gift exchange or to service them as their stewards. They are dedicated to God as the creative sources of productivity, and those sources cannot be traded for they are the fount of value, the meqor. Marx would have called them the means of production. It is what we're all trying to get at when we talk about capital.  
Laissez faire is what unleashes the creative power of the capital because, unlike the more traditional alternatives that had from the outset grossly misconstrued the productive process, laissez faire in its own way understands and serves the sacred nature of that fount of value. 
The most sacred things in our societies are those things that engender that which we deserve. To honor the fount of our deservedness is to honor what is sacred in the world. It is the basis of our identity and dignity and autonomy. 
What is sacred is inalienable, and what is inalienable is sacred. 

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